Construction Services

Working with AG Carpentry on your project is a transparent and collaborative process. We curate the construction team and the level of hands-on needed, based on the project and your goals.

We consider several factors at the beginning of the project to help determine how we proceed.

Project status

First, we need to know where you are in the project. Whether you have the inkling of an idea, such as a sketch on a cocktail napkin, or a full set of construction documents ready for bidding will determine our next steps. Our team can help to realize design concepts into construction documents, provide estimates, bids and of course, construction.

Project team

We make sure you have the right team to meet your goals. As our company includes designers, carpenters, tradesmen and managers, we’re able to provide a full-service team and deliver a fully integrated product. We’re able to design and coordinate under one roof for seamless communication and elevated design. We make suggestions as needed in support of local building consultants, contractors, companies and materials. We take pride in our relationship with the community.

Special Considerations

If your project has special considerations, such as meeting historic preservation standards or green building certifications, our team can help lead or support you through the process. If you have something else that falls under “Special Considerations” we’d be happy to discuss and find solutions to meet your needs.

Schedule + Budget

We understand that these factors are paramount in design and construction and so we work to be clear on this from the beginning and set realistic expectations with your project.

To start the conversation about your new project, Contact Us.