FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How far do you travel for jobs?

A. General rule of thumb is 60 mile radius from Chatham, NY.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, we are fully insured and can provide certificates upon request.

Q. Does my job need a building permit?

A. Building codes are specific from town to town and can vary considerably. A building permit generally is required whenever structural work is involved or when the basic living area of the home is to be changed. Our professionals can review your scope of work and advise based on the local requirements and assist in procuring permits directly on your behalf.

Q. What if I need drawings for permits or construction?

A. If needed, we can provide construction documents with our in-house architect. We can also assist in providing recommended consultants for special engineering drawings (i.e. structural, mechanical, etc.)

Q. Do you provide estimates without a contract?

A. Yes, typically one of our qualified team members can provide a free initial written estimate for work after an on-site consultation. Some estimates may require further documentation.

Q. What do we need to start our project?

A. First things first is a clear understanding of scope and an agreed cost. We can then start with a signed contract outlining those details to ensure expectations are understood and then met. A reference image is often all that is needed to begin the discussion of scope. Whether it’s found online or a photo you take, we can use it as a starting point to understand and design your project.

Q. How do we pay you?

A. Payment is expected at various points of the project, typically including an initial deposit. This schedule payment plan will be detailed out and included in the contract to avoid surprises and upon request we can provide a weekly update that tracks invoices.

Q. Who is on your team?

A. Our crew consists of the highest quality professionals and skilled workers. Not only are they knowledgeable, efficient and diligent, but they are also friendly and invested into your project. When using sub-contractors, we look locally to highly recommended sub-contractors that have been part of our company for many years.

Q. Do you provide Architectural Metal and Millwork bids for outside General Contractors?

A. Yes. Our in-house metal and wood shops are happy to provide estimates or bids directly to other GCs.

Q. Why choose AG Carpentry Inc?

A. Because we want your project to be a success as much as you do, and we know the key to that is clear communication, transparency and of course our quality craftsmanship. Our team has earned an outstanding reputation with delivering and it is reflected by our continued relationships with businesses and clients. Let us show you a great experience in building your next project.